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Fantasy Realm Press was founded in 2013 to assist authors in publishing their works.
Our goal is to provide quality reading that inspires our reader's imagination, mostly in
the fantasy and science fiction genres.

We do not believe that large publishing houses are positioning for the future. While
paperback books remain popular among readers, and with us, the trend is rapidly
moving towards eBooks. This is because of convenience and cost. A reader can store
hundreds of books in a eBook device that fits into their back pocket, and at a fraction of
the price for paperbacks. Reader's can also access their Cloud readers to read
anywhere in the world.

There is another very good reason why we differ from large publishing houses. We
wish to bring many talented authors and readers together. We also believe that readers
should decide what is a 'good read' and not be dictated to by companies pursuing pure

Fantasy Realm Press will soon be launching a service to help authors publish their
manuscripts more easily while meeting the future trends of publishing. Keep checking
back for updates.
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