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After a prominate professor discovers an artifact, he
travels to the Gate of the gods in Peru and begins a
journey that has waited 25,000 years. It is here, at
a remote site in the Peruvian mountains, where  
Professor Jonathan Willington ceases to exist and
Azul the most powerful wizard ever is reborn. What
was once a simple life is no more as the former
archeologist realizes his true identity and embraces

Azul reunites with his sister and an old friend, both
fearless warriors who fight endlessly against dark
forces. The three of them, along with a magical
construct bound to serve Azul until the end days,
fight lycanthrope packs on two continents, confront
a black witch, and ward off mercenaries. Azul
becomes more determined to destroy mankind’s
enemies with each passing day, but his mission won’
t be easy because he too is being hunted.

At the top of Azul’s monster list is an ancient shape
shifting god. Now, in our modern day world, Azul
discovers that prominent business professionals
and politicians still serve the shapeshifter and are
leaving a blood trail of misery and death.

Humans are no longer the dominant species as
they are hunted for food and sport. Even so,
mankind is not alone in the fight against darkness
and there is hope as the great wizard rises once
again in their time of need.
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Vampiric Virus
Book II of The Wizard's Journal
February 27, 2015